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Returning in 2025


The Youth Musical Development program offers a comprehensive and immersive journey for cast, guiding them through every stage of the captivating world of musical production. As the program unfolds, students delve into the intricate process of rehearsing, delving into the heart of the production as they fine-tune their performances, synchronize with fellow cast members, and master the harmonious interplay of music, acting, and choreography. The pinnacle of this transformative experience arrives with the exhilarating culmination of a live performance, where students step onto the stage to share their hard work and dedication with an eager audience. Throughout these 14 weeks, the program not only nurtures their artistic growth but also fosters teamwork, discipline, and self-expression, ultimately molding well-rounded individuals prepared to shine in the spotlight of the musical world.

2023 - Footloose!

"Ren McCormach, a urban teenager who frequents the Chicago dance club scene's world turns upside down when he and his mother Ethel move to a small town in the middle of Beaumont; the worst part, dancing is illegal here! Finding this absolutely ridiculous, Ren tries to convience the Reverend to let the teenagers dance and along the way develops an unexpected friendship with a country hick and a romance with the Reverends daughter."

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