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Enrolments Now Open!

Introducing singing classes at Isabella Rose Stage Company!. Immerse yourself in personalised 1-on-1 lessons curated by Maya Manaena, our dedicated instructor. Drawing from Maya's lifetime of experience in learning, performing and teaching, our classes will empower students of all ages and backgrounds to sing freely and beautifully, spanning genres from Musical Theatre to classical. 

Isabella Rose Stage Companies  singing classes will provide unique opportunities for students to learn and extend their ability to perform in musicals, guiding them through the intricacies of song selection, interpretation, and stage presence. We will also be facilitating opportunities to perform in Eistedfods and complete AMEB exams, providing a structured and nationally recognised pathway for those seeking formal accreditation in their vocal abilities.


30 minute or 1 hour options


And Sandy Bay

Perform on Stage

Concert in late 2024

Image by Obie Fernandez

Free First Class

For new students


Private and duet class options


AMEB opportunities

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