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Founder / President


Having over 15 years of experience, Isabella started as a dancer at age 4 at Queensland's esteemed Dance Express Academy and at age 8 discovered her love for acting while completing examinations in Trinity College’s Speech & Drama.


Since moving to Tasmania, she has done an assortment of workshops and classes in stage acting and dancing alongside teaching HipHop and KPop to those as young as 16mths old. Whilst at Hobart College, Isabella played the supporting lead role of Mrs Phelps in HoCo’s 2021 sold-out production of Matilda.

Isabella's first community theatre role was as Lily Poulett-Harris in Woodbridge Life's Lily, then after being invited to choreograph 2022's Annie Jr, the only theatre company south of nipaluna/Hobart before IRSC was formed.

In 2022, Isabella began at the University of Tasmania where she is completely a Batchelor of Arts, majoring in History.

Elise Bagorski Photo.jpg


Vice President

Kingborough Arts Coordinator

In a land far far away...

There is a photo on a refrigerator, of a much tinier Elise at approximately seven years old holding up a chalk board with a big grin on her face. This chalk board read, in extremely messy writing: 'When I Grow Up, I Want To Be... An Actress!' ​

Elise has been involved in the performing arts industry for the past 13 years, and in the last three years become actively involved in both the community theatre and professional theatre scenes in southern Tasmania. ​

Involved in many aspects of the theatre (acting, designing, stage managing, etc.), Elise has proudly worked for a multitude of local theatre companies in Tasmania such as Bad Company Theatre, PLoT, This Theatre Company, Hobart Repertory Theatre, and Lost Theatre Co. Elise has also been invited to teach theatre skills and technical theatre at schools such as Taroona High School and Claremont College. ​

As of 2023, Elise has recently began at the University of Tasmania, where she is studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Theatre and Performance.

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Huon Valley Arts Coordinator

Born and raised in Glen Huon, from the age of three, Holly has always found her way to the stage. As supported by her family and community, her bright nature has been captured by the Huon Valley Theatre stage lights many times. The list includes, Harriet James (2011), Wind in the Willows (2012), Peter Pan (2013), Cinderella (2014), Hoodwinked (2015), Jack and His Amazing Multi-Coloured Bean Stalk (2016), Oliver (2017), Alice in Wonderland (2018). Throughout her years in the Huon Valley Theatre Company, Holly was given many opportunities to learn the craft of acting, the joy of music, and the effort it takes to make wonderful community based fun. 

All throughout her schooling career, Holly found many events to perform to the community and learn more about stage working. Her primary school education was at Glen Huon Primary School, where she played The Evil Step Mother in Cinderella (2012), Snow in Snow White (2013), Giants Wife in Jack and the Bean Stalk (2014). As Holly continued her education at Ogilvie High School, she studied Drama and Music through all years at school. Giving her freedom to study, direct, write, and lead in many dramatic pantomimes. Holly then went on to study vocal performance at Elizabeth College, under the instruction of Katy Raucher. Through the UTAS programs offered at Elizabeth College, Holly portrayed Anas in Jesus Christ Super Star (2019). 

For just over a year, Holly moved interstate and internationally to be apart of service events as a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During this time she used her vocal training and performance skills to bring smiles to many communities and families. Now that Holly is back in Tasmania, she has dived back into the theatre world. Her first performance being home was in Anne of Green Gables (2023) through The Hobart Reparatory Society.

When Holly heard of Isabella Rose Stage Company, she jumped at the idea of bringing the classic tale of Little Women to the community that helped inspire her love for the theatre. 

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